jeudi 1 janvier 2015

Troweling harmonics

PEA-Jam 17, 2014  36" x 60"

The electro-acrylic project is constantly evolving. There are so many opportunities to explore. At the last practice, Fred (Dj Pfreud) tested new filters and sounds, allowing the transformation of the brush stroke sounds on the harmonics level. It all created a different playing on the canvas. Even to the point where other tools for painting have emerged… as the trowel. Fyi : A trowel on the surface of a miked canvas, it sounds pretty special !

The metal on the flax significantly increases the friction effect and and amplifies it. Then going through the new filters, melodies are generated.
The composition of the image has been affected.

Of course, at the beginning of each new path of experimentation, the work is focused, controlled and structured in order to properly study it and master it. This is exactly what happened here. This painting shows only the trowel experiments. But it also suggests an avenue of a multitude of possibilities. Mixed with other techniques already in place, it should provide enhanced sound and visual dimension. It's a bit like adding a new cymbal with a special sound to a drum set.

In short, hours of fun .