mercredi 6 mai 2015

EA @ L'Arsenal, MTL

On April 22th, we performed at the famous hall for his daring in contemporary art, the "Arsenal" in Montreal, during a corporate event organized by the Oxygène agency, including various performances, circus arts (Cirque Éloïze) and music.

6 giant screens around us in this huge industrial building.

"La fille de la vidéo" make a remarkable visual art work on these screens, in perfect symbiosis with our performance.

She combined live captured images of the mini camera placed on the chest of the painter and EA's image bank, and also a lot of visual effects of all kinds. An impeccable sound system, a light show well balanced, hyper-competent technicians, in short, perfect conditions to give the best of ourselves.

photos : Pierre Cloutier

EA@Arsenal - 36" x 60" - 2015 - acrylic on canevas. vendue (Chine)